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About Us

Who Are Launch Toghether?

We Are On A Mission To Launch You Right.

LaunchTogether was founded by Chris Jackson and we are on a mission to help people like you get their online business up and running and set you up for great success.


Chris Jackson has been building websites since the days of dial-up internet using nothing but a text editor. Luckily technology has moved on a lot since then and we now have ecommerce platforms like Shopify and our favourite LaunchCart that provide amazing functionality and opportunities.

Chris was the first person ever to become a LaunchCart certified partner. The certification process consisted of a seven week intensive training course but was well worth it.


Now LaunchTogether has direct access to the technical team behind LaunchCart as well as regular contact with founder and CEO Greg Writer.

If you're looking to get an ecommerce store up and running, let us help you by building your store, or by pointing you in the right direction so you can build your store yourself.